Construction industry

The construction sector has undoubtedly undergone a substantial transformation after the 2008 crisis. Today it faces significant challenges: sustainability, the industrialisation of its processes and an increasingly regulated market.

The construction sector is made up not only by construction companies and promoters. The industrial manufacturers of necessary materials like concrete or that provide services and the various technicians and estates that intervene in the projects, in the execution, the control and completion of them are participants.

Traditionally, the construction industry has shown a reserved attitude towards sustainability, standardisation and improvement. The situation has changed dramatically after the 2008 crisis, which has forced the sector to modernise and improve its competitiveness.

The European Union is moving towards the standardisation of the sector. Regulation (EU) 305/2011 represents a new opportunity for manufacturers of breakthrough construction products, to establish systems, controls and improvement tools that lead to higher quality and more competitive products.

The European Union and the different Spanish public administrations are promoting green public procurement. Carbon footprint, Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), LEED, BREEAM or VERDE are systems that have come to stay. There will be organisations that will not seize the opportunity and will see another missed opportunity pass.


Satisfied customers

Vall Estructures
VALL ESTRUCTURES's main activity is constructing demountable warehouses and industrial tents for sale in more than 25 countries.
Tecnocatalana de runes, S.L.
TECNOCATALANA DE RUNES, S.L. It is one of the largest plants in Spain dedicated to the manufacture of recycled aggregate. The facilities have a treatment...
Mac Insular, S.L.
MAC INSULAR, S.L. is the public concessionaire for the management of construction, demolition, large and tire waste on the island of Mallorca.
Gestora de Runes de la Construcció, S.A.
GRC (GESTORA DE RUNES DE LA CONSTRUCCIÓ) is the public-private joint venture that manages the controlled disposal of construction waste in Catalonia.
Igmi Gramin, S.A.
IGMI GRAMIN, S.A. is an important company located in Zaragoza, that is dedicated to the construction of metal structures.
Excavacions i Transports Segu, S.L.
EXCAVACIONS I TRANSPORT SEGÚ, S.L. works mainly in the realisation of earthworks and excavation, demolitions, and transport and manufacture of aggregates.
Metal Com 2022, S.L.
METAL COM 2022, S.L. Its main activity is constructing, maintaining, and rehabilitating metal structures and industrial facilities.    
Dorta Carpintería Metálica, S.L.U.
DORTA CARPINTERIA METALICA, S.L.U. is one of the main metalwork workshops that exist in Huesca.
Áridos Curto, S.L.
ÁRIDOS CURTO, S.L. Its main activity is the manufacture of fresh concrete and natural aggregates.
Prefabricados Mazana, S.L.
PREFABRICADOS MAZANA is a family business that manufactures precast concrete elements for the interior of pig buildings.
Arasfalto, S.L.
ARASFALTO, S.L. is one of the emblematic companies of Teruel.
Grup Castellot
ARENES I GRAVES CASTELLOT, S.A. is one of the leading concrete manufacturers in central Catalonia.
Julian Arumí, S.L.
ARUMÍ, PREFABRICATS DE FORMIGÓ, is specialised in solving projects with precast reinforced and / or prestressed concrete systems.
Emilio Durany, S.L.
EMILIO DURANY, S.L. is one of the oldest precast concrete manufacturers in Huesca.
ROURA ANGLADA, S.A. is one of the leading manufacturers of precast concrete in central Catalonia.
Prefabricats Torre-Foix, S.L.
PREFABRICATS TORRE-FOIX, S.L. is a family business dedicated to the precast concrete manufacture (mainly used for walls and floors) and aggregates.
Formigó Tarragona, S.L.
Formigó Tarragona, S.L. is mainly dedicated to the production of concrete, quality control in laboratories, surveying and technical office.
Hormigones La Paz, S.L.
Hormigones La Paz S.L. is a company dedicated mainly to the manufacture of concrete, with more than 25 years of experience in the sector.
Hormavasa is dedicated to the manufacture, sale, transport and pumping of concrete, and the commercialization of all types of aggregates.
Suministros Ibiza
SUMINISTROS IBIZA DE INVERSIONES Y CORPORACIÓN, S.L. is the main supplier of construction materials in Ibiza.
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New regulation Ordre ACC/9/2023 for recycled aggregates in Catalonia
Además de la necesidad del Marcado CE, establece categorías y usos recomendados.
New Decree 5/2023 for recycled aggregates in Castilla León
Materials from the recovery of construction or demolition waste that do not meet the requirements established in these regulations will be considered for all purposes as waste.
Regulatory changes in the welding process for products with CE Marking
They mainly affect the CE marking of pressure equipment D 2014/68/UE.
Law 7/2021 includes new features such as the obligation for companies to calculate and publish their carbon footprint
Another legislative step in the new framework on the environmental impact of the products and activities carried out by companies and an opportunity before public contracts.
Cold-formed steel or aluminum structural elements UNE-EN 1090-4 and UNE-EN 1090-5. Is CE marking required?
The CE UNE-EN 1090-1 Marking is normative since 07/01/2014 in UNE-EN 1090-2 steel and UNE-EN 1090-3 aluminum structures. Is it required in steel and aluminum elements of standards 1090-4 and 1090-5?
Demolition companies, according to the Structural Code, are required to have an ISO 14001 certificate
As provided in the new Structural Code, in force since November 2021, demolition or uninstallation companies of concrete structural elements must have UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 accreditation.
Qualification of companies which work with products containing asbestos UNE 171370-1:2014
This standard contains the requirements that companies must meet to be recognized as "qualified" to do asbestos work.
The new Structural Code. Legislative changes for steel and concrete structures.
Companies that have building works will have less than a year to adapt their working methods.
The Aggregates Federation will launch the “DAP Aridos” project in the coming weeks.
The DAP, also known as EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), is a way of measuring the product's impact, in this case, the aggregates, on the environment.
14 concrete plants have obtained the R.D. 163/2019 certification
All concrete plants in the national territory must obtain the certificate before April 1, 2021.
300 concrete plants in the process of R.D. 163/2019 certification
In January 2021, about 300 concrete plants are in process. Around 70 factories are already R.D. 163/2019 certified.
The great success of the Round Table “R.D. 163/2019 Control of concrete production”
Great acceptance and participation by the concrete sector.
Royal Decree 163/2019. Round table about the Control of concrete production
On Monday, September 28, we held the main sectoral colloquium talk to analyse R.D. 163/2019 and its repercussions on concrete manufacturers.
Royal Decree 163/2019, that approved the Technical Instruction for carrying out the production control of the concretes manufactured in the plant is already underway
The concrete plants have 21 months to adapt to the new regulatory requirements.
A new version of the basic guidelines about the CE marking of construction products according to Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011
Published by the Ministry of industry, trade and tourism.
RD 163/2019: Laboratories and their importance within the control of concrete manufacturing
The selection of qualified laboratories and an efficient documentation system are determining factors for the plant's accreditation.
Catalonia announces financial support for 3 million euros for the use of recycled aggregates
The subsidies, aimed at city councils and public municipal companies, are intended to favour the use of recycled aggregate from construction and demolition waste.