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Right now, society demands greater responsibility from the transport and logistics sector to obtain significant involvement in climate change prevention, road safety measures for regulated services such as passenger transport, systems to ensure effective service, among others.

Transport consumes, in the EU, a third of all final energy. It represents more than a quarter of total greenhouse gas emissions. Cars, vans, trucks and buses produce more than 70% of transport emissions while the rest comes mainly from maritime and air transport. The European Union has established legislative measures for the sector to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Transportation has a significant environmental impact. At present, motor vehicles are perceived as polluting, dangerous, with connotations of visual intrusion and noise, among other annoyances. Society rejects activities that are not respectful of the environment and pressure from the Administration goes accordingly. Environmental management has become a strategic element of transport organisations and an essential requirement to access the market.

A sustainable service of the highest quality is already an essential aspect for private or public transport users. Factors such as the service offered, accessibility, information, duration, customer service, comfort, safety, and environmental impact are today basic requirements that we must consider.

develops specialised consulting projects for the transport sector. In ​​sustainability, we have developed projects related to the calculation of the carbon footprint following ISO 14067, corporate environmental footprint with ISO 14064, environmental management systems ISO 14001/EMAS (CE 1221/2009) and type III eco-labels.

Our company has also developed projects in passenger transport, specifically regarding safety and standardisation: EN 13816 Public passenger transport, ISO 39001 Road traffic safety (RTS) management systems and ISO 22320 Emergency management.

In the health transport sector, we have developed projects following UNE 179002 “Health services. Quality management system for health care transport organisation”.

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