UNE-EN 13816:2003 Quality in public passenger transport

The UNE EN 13816 standard is the guideline to be followed by passenger transport companies (buses and coaches, air, naval, rail, ...) that measure the quality of the service they provide and assume commitments, an essential requirement today in most of state, regional and municipal competitions.

Modern companies in the transport sector today require management and control techniques for their activity. Managers need to standardise activities, measure results and have organisation and correction mechanisms. They have to base decision-making on data and information and not so much on intuition, opinions, common sense or experience.

At present, the transport sector must provide an effective and efficient service to users. In many cases, when it comes to concessions, the administrations themselves demand compliance with quality criteria. In other cases, the same market (schools, companies, associations) already selects companies that know to publicise their achievements and results.

The quality model according to EN 13816

UNE EN 13816 criterios calidad transporte publico

In 2002 EN 13816 was published, which in 2003 became the Spanish standard UNE-EN 13816: 2003.

UNE-EN 13816 establishes guidelines to define the quality of service that the company wants to provide to users (or the quality of service required by the competent Administration).

According to UNE-EN 13816, the company must structure a table of indicators (balanced scorecard) to monitor the service provided and the perceptions of users to establish corrective and preventive measures.

The quality criteria that the organisation must establish are structured in levels (families or groups): service offered, accessibility, information, duration, customer service, comfort, safety and environmental impact.

Different entities certify quality systems according to the UNE-EN 13816 model: Aenor, Bureau Veritas, Applus, SGS, OCA global, EQA. It is an essential requirement when you want to accredit the established quality model.

Aportamos soluciones

 develops consulting projects in the field of UNE 13416. Our function is helping our clients integrate standards in the company, establishing the quality of the service, systematics and tools for measuring quality criteria. In addition to UNE 13816, our projects consider other sectoral standards such as UNE 93200, UNE 15140 or the 152001 families of standards.

Our Firm has been developing its consulting activity for more than 20 years, advising and establishing improvement guidelines in organizations of various kinds. This broad and experienced vision allows us to provide solutions and approaches that are sometimes not found in the specific sector of passenger transport.

Our company has developed its methodology, the result of more than 20 years in the field of standardisation, that facilitates the integration of these projects in the daily work of companies.

Our consulting and engineering activity is independent of all accreditation bodies (Aenor, Applus, Bureau Veritas BVC, OCA global, EQA, Lloyd’s Register, SGS,…) and our projects have successfully passed the most demanding standards. Our clients select the Certification Entity, always with the guarantee of the professionalism and quality of our services.

This solution is aimed at

Passenger transport companies of any scope and that provide regular services under concessions or another scope (regular, special, discretionary,…).

What our customers get

UNE 13816 accreditation by the accreditation entity (Aenor, Applus, Bureau Veritas BVC, OCA global, EQA, Lloyd’s Register, SGS,…).

Satisfied customers

UNE-EN 13816 projects can be easily integrated with any standard in the transport sector (e.g. UNE 39001), in the field of quality (UNE-EN ISO 9001, UNE-EN ISO 9004,…), sustainability (UNE-EN ISO 14001, EMAS, carbon footprint), occupational health and safety (ISO 45001, ...), excellence projects or lean organisation.
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