Professional career

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As a professional, you define your goals: to reach leadership positions within , to expand your training, to develop specific technical knowledge or to specialise in a particular sector. Each person decides how they want to build their career.

Junior Consultant

With good academic training and little experience, they are young professionals in the construction phase of their professional and personal careers.

Their functions cover the need for detail work that a project supports:

  • Data collection, search and collection of information, questionnaires for measurement and evaluation of processes and sampling of results;
  • Preparation of data and records;
  • Monitoring of project activities and compliance with agreed milestones;
  • Preparation of project documentation.

Senior Consultant

Professional with experience, knowledge, or specialisation level that add differential value to the project to a greater or lesser extent. Responsible for designing the “solution” for the problem. In this category, we find professionals who develop their careers in (minimum three years) and professionals who are incorporated and have functional (or business) experience but do not come from consulting as a profession.

Their functions at are as follows:

  • Conducting interviews and documenting results;
  • Coordination, training, orientation and monitoring of the team’s work;
  • Compilation of internal information on similar cases and experiences of the Firm;
  • Analysis of the data prepared and of all the relevant information of the project;
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement and definition of initiatives and measures to achieve the project objective;
  • Preparation and documentation of customer recommendations and review of general project documentation;
  • Moderation of meetings, making presentations and supporting the project management.

Project manager

They are senior consultants with additional responsibilities for management and commercial support. Sometimes the project manager is not the most experienced and knowledgeable professional on the consulting team. There may be senior consultants with more specific, functional or sectoral experience than the manager in cases that require many specialisations.

When managers and partners are actively involved in the project, they act in the project manager’s role.

Their duties at are as follows:

  • Planning and management of activities and control milestones, for monitoring and meeting the project deadlines;
  • Conducting interviews, work meetings and documentation review;
  • Review of recommendations and design of project presentations and reports;
  • Supervision of the quality of the consulting team’s work;
  • Monitoring of the project budget;
  • Holding meetings with functional management teams of the client, supporting directors and partners in meetings with senior management;
  • Customer service and problem-solving in the areas of equipment and technical solution;
  • Identification of new business opportunities for the firm in the client company, informing directors and partners;
  • Preparation of necessary documentation for commercial actions, inside and outside the scope of your projects;
  • Preparation of offers, coordinating the contribution of the different areas involved in the case;# Participation in events and commercial nature presentations.

Coordinator-Director / Partner-Director

Professional with several years of experience as a project manager who assumes more responsibilities in developing the company’s business. Little by little, he ceases to be a member of the consulting team and carries new functions, as a more personal advisor to his closest clients. Manager of “large accounts” or leader of a specific area of ​​knowledge or sector of specialisation, is often responsible for managing the consulting firm’s commercial activities and represents it at public meetings, events and associations

Their duties at are as follows:

  • Business development in its functional, sectoral or geographic scope;
  • Team management;
  • Design and presentation of commercial proposals and conceptual models, guiding the positioning and image of the company;
  • Customer service and supervision of project teams;
  • Definition, promotion and monitoring of training actions for the development of the consulting team;
  • Definition of goals and career plans, with monitoring and evaluation of individual results;
  • Definition, design and implementation of activities of a commercial nature, events and presentations;
  • Planning and monitoring of the business in their area of ​​responsibility.

Commercial technician

They are professionals with experience, knowledge or specialisation in the commercial field. Under the technical direction (Managing Director/Managing Partner), and following the company’s objectives and strategic plans, they are responsible for market research and monitoring clients.

Their duties at are as follows:

  • Online marketing activities;
  • Identification of new business opportunities;
  • Market prospecting;
  • Gathering information from potential customers;
  • Preparation of commercial documentation;
  • Presentation and monitoring of commercial and customer service offers;
  • Organisation of events and presentations of commercial nature.

General services

Professionals with different degrees of experience, knowledge or specialisation, according to their responsibilities.

They work under the company’s supervision and perform support functions to the consulting and commercial areas.

They have financial, economic and administrative duties.