is a consulting firm that helps managers, directors, and technicians to solve problems just as:

  • Comply with increasingly complex regulatory and legislative requirements.
  • Standardise the operational processes of the company to improve its efficiency.
  • Achieve sustainability and circular economy in the company.
  • Establish guidelines and systems that improve the efficiency of the organisation.

Our company evolves to give practical and concrete answers to the problems that arise every day to our clients. We know that the fundamental thing is to fully understand the client’s business (core business) and have competent professionals who add value to our services.

Our success is based on meeting our commitments with clarity, integrity, and transparency. Our most significant value is our clients’ trust, the result of continuous effort and a close relationship.

We are not satisfied

Our spirit is restless and innovative. Our culture encourages us to seek the best solution, the best proposal for the client, the best development. It is our way of feeling proud and satisfied with our work.

Provide solutions: More than a brand, the DNA of our company

We have a multidisciplinary team whose mission is to work hand in hand with our clients to solve the challenges they have assigned us, always in a practical and simple way. We mix knowledge and talent to give the best customer service, to enjoy each challenge.


Here, now, always and anywhere. Our team is committed, we put at your disposal all the necessary resources for the real establishment of innovative and pragmatic guidelines and systems. From designing to implanting. From inspection to project monitoring. Because we are aware that the client has given us their trust, and our future is in not to disappoint.

Luis Roura Portillo, Partner-Director OAK
Luis Roura Portillo
Passionate about my job, I enjoy music, sailing, gardening, and motor engineering.

Marta Castellví , Back office manager OAK
Marta Castellví
Back office manager
My dedication, empathy, and perseverance in meeting goals and helping those who need me stand out in me. I like to enjoy my free time with my family and friends. Passionate about reading historical novels.

Juan Alba, Project manager OAK
Juan Alba
Project manager
Proactive and positive. In my free time I like to enjoy reading, cinema, art and descovering new countries.

Luz Maria Burgos , Senior consultant OAK
Luz Maria Burgos
Senior consultant
I like traveling, sports and nature. I enjoy all this with my family and friends.

José Concha, Junior consultant OAK
José Concha
Junior consultant
I characterize the perseverance and tranquility to achieve the objectives. I like to enjoy connecting with nature, running, traveling and enjoying with family and friends.

Julio Medeiros , Area sales manager OAK
Julio Medeiros
Area sales manager

Javier Fernández, Area sales manager OAK
Javier Fernández
Area sales manager

Mónica Bobé
Area sales manager

Iván Gonzálvez
Information technology management

Miriam Vilaró
Front desk

Neus Estébanez
Front desk

Laia Serrat
Front desk

Satisfied customers

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