Governance, Risk and Compliance

The management of an organisation is increasingly complex, and It is also more regulated every day. Organisations must establish guidelines for good governance, compliance, corporate social responsibility (CSR) or risk management.

In a well-structured modern company, the functions of the Management and the General Directorate are well defined. Some of the functions are the coordination and supervision company’s areas, requesting information from different responsibility centres, establishing business objectives, controlling business indicators (scorecard), the definition and management of the business strategy, public relations with suppliers and customers and final decision making.

However, as a consequence of the current complexity, they must add other responsibilities to their fundamental duties:

  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Compliance
  • Generational renewal: Family succession protocol

Our Firm carries out its consulting activity in the field of business strategy. It allows the establishment of a medium and long-term action plan that we periodically review to consider the short-term changes that occur.

Strategic plans are an excellent tool for setting objectives, involving staff in their achievement, clarifying the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, and establishing control and monitoring systems for business results.