Strategic business plan

In an environment as dynamic and changing as the current one, all organisations must have a guide or plan that defines their business strategy.    

plan estrategico empresarialA large number of organisations base their business strategy on the intuition and industry experience of their managers. This form of management could fall on the short term and on the inputs that receive continuously, almost always based on the network of relationships that managers have.

In an environment as dynamic and changing as the current one, in addition to the short term, it is necessary to have a medium and long term vision. Directing involves making the right decision at the right time. Do I consolidate my position in the market, or do I risk growing? Will I hire more personal or do I resort to subcontracting? Will the regulatory framework of my product or services change? Invest? What subsidies do I have? Do we have to open up to new markets? With what guarantees? Is the absorption of a competing company a valid mode of growth? How do the leading companies in my sector work? When is it convenient to transfer the management of my company? How to do it in the best conditions? If something fails, what is the best contingency plan?

plan estrategico empresarial planes estrategicos para empresas

The continuous and agile adaptation of the company requires more than intuition and sector experience. It involves data, figures, external and internal information; in short, a strategic plan must clarify the current situation and facilitate the planning and monitoring of the company’s future positioning.

The increasing complexity of the financial world forces management to be active. You do not always have sufficient means or information to analyse all the implications; however, how these implications are resolved will lead to success or failure in the future.

develops business strategy consulting projects. Our technical staff develops strategic plans for our clients, supported by an excellent work team.

Phases of the company's strategic plan

Business strategy projects are structured according to the following steps:

  1. – Internal analisis,
  2. – Surrounding analysis,
  3. – Strategic positioning,
  4. – Change management.
Internal analisis

fases plan estrategico empresa

  • Analysis of the company’s current business model (markets and alliances, products and services, among others) allows obtaining a global and interrelated vision of the different factors that play a significant role in the company’s activity in the market.
  • Analysis of assets, production system, tangible and intangible resources, and company skills.
  • Reflection on the company’s real situation in terms of balance sheets and income statements, turnover, margins, structure costs, among others.
Surrounding analysis

posicionamiento estrategico para empresas

  • Analysis of external forces (political, social, economic and technological) that influence and affect the company, including achieving the company’s objectives. We start from the SWOT analysis and Porter’s five forces analysis (customers, suppliers, competing products).
  • Study of the area of influence of the company: Evolution of the population, trends in demand and consumption of the company’s products and services, trends in distribution channels, consumption habits, strategic lines of the leading sector companies, comparative of ratios with other sectorial companies, the situation of different markets, public action policies, the evolution of general socioeconomic indicators.
Strategic positioning

posicionamiento estrategico para empresasBased on the research work carried out in the internal and environmental analysis, we draw up a report of conclusions on the organisation’s current viability and the strategic positioning that the company should adopt in the future to ensure its viability. We also specify the structural needs that are going to be required.

Change management

plan estrategico empresarialAction plan following the conclusions obtained, which will define:

  • Definition of the restructuring project: axes and strategic objectives.
  • Production plan: definition and planning of technical and infrastructural needs required by the plan. Investigation and development. The operational program, strategic positioning and competitive advantages.
  • Marketing plan: Communication, advertising, image and public relations strategy, pricing policy, customer loyalty, customer service and attention policy, market penetration strategy, marketing plan.
  • Sales plan: strategy, salesforce, forecasts, sales objectives and conditions, sales budget.
  • HR and organisational structure: key project personnel, working and remuneration conditions, HR plan, HR forecasts.
  • Legal and corporate aspects: licenses and rights, legal obligations, permits and limitations.
  • Calendar, launch and investments: operational calendar, launch plan, planned investments, budget.
  • Expected results: Fundamental indicators, breakeven point, five-year results, cash flow, financial ratios, working capital, net worth, internal control systems.
  • Financing Plan: Financial needs and financing plan.
  • Risks and conclusions: Opportunity, the impact of changes. Strengths, security and profitability.
  • Contingency Strategies
We provide solutions

Planes estrategicos para empresasThe business strategy of an organisation is the responsibility of the management or direction of the company. It is widespread to delegate these functions to a professional advisor. As a consultancy specialised in this line of business, can provide solutions in the field of business strategy, giving clear and transparent answers, solvent and adapted to the reality of your company.

‘s strategic plans seek to plan the significant decisions that the organisation must make, proposing realistic action plans. All considering economic criteria, human and productive resources and real sales possibilities.

plan estrategico empresarial planes estrategicos para empresas

Strategic and business plans should also be considered requirements in advanced management systems, such as the EFQM Excellence Model or UNE-EN ISO 9001.

Strategic plans are an excellent tool for setting objectives, involving staff in their achievement, clarifying the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, and establishing control and monitoring systems for business results.

This solution is aimed at

Companies and organisations of any sector and size that want to advance in professionalised management.

Companies and organisations that want to advance advanced management systems such as the EFQM Excellence Model or UNE-EN ISO 9001.


What our customers get

The memory of the company’s strategic plan (internal analysis, external analysis, strategic positioning and change management). Strategic plans can be made for three years or five years.

Satisfied customers

The strategic plans are requirements of the EFQM Excellence Model and UNE-EN ISO 9001. The projects in this area complement all the solutions related to the "Governance, Risk and Compliance" business line.