UNE-EN ISO 9004:2018 Guidance to achieve sustained success

UNE-EN ISO 9004: 2018 is the appropriate standard for all organisations that want to advance in the improvement of their operation. It is the natural way for all those companies and entities that want to grow beyond the UNE-EN ISO 9001.

Indeed UNE-EN ISO 9004 is the least known standard of the ISO 9000 family. This standard is not certifiable by a third party and, as a consequence, the certification bodies have not developed marketing and advertising campaigns to promote its use.

But it is probably the most appropriate standard for a company that has established the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 and wants to move towards improving its operating systems. It is, therefore, a suitable standard for mature organisations and with evolved UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 management systems.

It is also suitable for organisations that want to evolve towards the EFQM Model of Excellence without the commitment of a third-party evaluation and the costs involved.

The main contribution of ISO 9004 is that it establishes a guide on “how to improve”. It is a standard that fully deploys process management, resource management (material and human), leadership, measurement (performance indicators) and the concept of continuous improvement. Besides, it incorporates annexe A a self-assessment tool that allows analysing the degree of establishment of the standard in the company.

We provide solutions

is a consultancy specialised in improvement. In most of our projects, we use advanced standards and models (such as UNE-EN ISO 9004: 2018) to add value to our clients.

We have developed our work methodology taking the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2018 as a reference, among other norms. We base our experience on that we use this standard in our projects every day, regardless of its scope.

In ISO 9004 projects, we attach great importance to the self-assessment process. Although the questionnaire is precise, many organisations require training in the deployment of the process. Our Firm often monitors the process to obtain its successful completion.

This solution is aimed at

Organisations of any field whose senior management or the quality and improvement department wants a greater deployment of the implemented management system or greater efficiency and effectiveness.

What our customers get

Full development of the management system implemented in the company or organisation.

With the evaluation, the company obtains an excellent diagnosis of its positioning, taking into consideration the intervention of all the interest groups, its strengths and the notable aspects of improvement.

ISO 9004 projects are the natural evolution of ISO 9001 systems. They can be complemented with any model or standard, from any field (governance, risk and compliance, sustainability, excellence…).
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