Lean Management / Lean Healthcare

The application of Lean in the hospital environment has been operating with great success for many years.

Lean Healthcare identifies all those aspects that represent a cost for the company, that do not add value but are consuming resources. It is what we call waste:

  • Wait times for room assignment, to be seen or to get supplies.
  • The duration of the care process, from the first visit to the primary care doctor, analysis, consultations with specialists, operations, treatment, until the resolution of the health problem. The waiting times that the patient has to endure between each intervention are crucial.
  • Over-processing due to repeated processes (e.g. analytics).
  • Inventories for excess material.
  • The transport and movement of samples, patients, medication or supplies.
  • System defects, multiple and of different aetiology: low identification of specimens, erroneous treatments…

lean management lean healthcare

Lean Healthcare improves a hospital’s processes and reduces unproductive costs objectively and rapidly, improving or redesigning processes or activities with the capacity for improvement.

Investing in Lean projects is very profitable as it solves real problems in the healthcare centre, helps prevent errors, improves patient safety, professional satisfaction, and the healthcare system’s sustainability.

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