Occupational health and safety

OHSAS 18001 and now ISO 45001 are the natural references when an organisation wants to integrate risk prevention into its management system.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasingly present in all economic areas.

The consumer, the workers, the public administrations and the interest groups (stakeholders) of the company value the organisations that establish operational guidelines for the management of working conditions, safety and occupational health.

It does not consist of complying with the Law 31/1995, the Royal Decree 39/1997 or other occupational safety regulations. It consists of actively managing safety and health at work, in harmony with other management systems (ISO, EFQM, MCE, Lean).

Sometimes, health and safety regulations in Spain are complicated. The legislation and jurisprudence are highly developed at the state, regional, local, European and international levels. Sometimes we find health and safety guidelines that are difficult to interpret, even discordant. There are multiple guides at the INSST (National Institute for Safety and Health at Work), ILO (International Labour Organisation), Ministry of Labour or the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.

Due to the great multitude of existing resources, the compilation and integration in the systematics of the company can become complex and challenging.

In a world in continuous evolution, differentiation is essential to be able to compete. In a globalised world, trust in a company, in a brand, in a product, is critical. You can obtain credibility and the public reputation that your organisation needs when independent entities accredit your company’s proper functioning.

The ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems can be certified by independent bodies (Aenor, Bureau Veritas, Applus, SGS, BSI, among others). These systems facilitate the internal management of the prevention of occupational hazards, favour the organisation’s commercial and advertising promotion, and increase its credit and image.

has been designing, establishing and implementing occupational health and safety management systems for more than 20 years (OHSAS 18001: 1998).

We plan and develop our ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management projects as an asset. The objective is to fully integrate prevention in the company, in an efficient, practical and straightforward way.


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