UNE-ISO 39001 Road traffic safety (RTS) management systems

UNE-ISO 39001 is the appropriate standard for all those organisations that want greater control over road safety or apply measures in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is not limited to transport companies, as it may be suitable for companies with fleets (e.g. commercial, technical personnel...).

Road accidents can be a critical factor in many organisations. To the sick leave due to accidents, we must add the costs of insurance, repairs or immobility of vehicles, possible delays in supplies, contractual breaches or even the loss of prestige that it represents for an organisation.

The UNE-ISO 39001 norm

The UNE-ISO 39001 standard follows the ISO’s outline (International Organization for Standardisation) standards, which allows its easy integration.

Establishes three levels for road safety performance factors:

  • Risk exposure factors (e.g. Km, type of roads)
  • Intermediate road safety outcome factors (e.g. vehicle safety measures)
  • Final road safety outcome factors (e.g. the number of deaths, injuries)

The organisation must establish a balanced scorecard to monitor the organisation’s road safety and develop corrective measures and objectives that are coherent and aligned with accident minimisation policies.

We provide solutions

une iso 39001 gestion de la seguridad vial

OAK has designed and established UNE-ISO 39001 management systems in organisations in the passenger transport sector.

Our organisation has been working with companies of various types for more than 20 years, setting improvement and organisation projects. We have developed our work methodology that makes complex projects simple.

Generally, companies that want to establish this standard in their organisation already have integrated management systems. Our mission is to integrate the requirements of the UNE-EN 39001 and that its establishment is viable and coherent. Finally, we support the certification audit organisation (Aenor, Bureau Veritas BVC, Applus, among others).

This solution is aimed at
  • Companies in the road transport sector (passengers, goods…)
  • Companies with vehicle fleets (cement companies, security forces, commercial, technical and roaming operators).
  • Any company that establishes measures in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Companies with a high percentage of posted staff (regardless of the means used).
What our customers get

UNE-ISO 39001 Accreditation Road traffic safety (RTS) management systems (Aenor, Applus, Buerau Veritas BVC…).

Satisfied customers

The UNE-ISO 39001 Management Systems are easily integrable with any Integrated Management System. For example, quality, sustainability or occupational health and safety systems.
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