Health and Social Care sector

Health and care organisations face increasing demands from society. Solving care or health problems is taken for granted. Currently, much more is demanded: A perfect performance, without cracks of any kind.

The health and care sector has overgrown fast. Spain enjoys a longer life expectancy, and there is a need to address the increasing demands and complexities over the industry, like the need to offer more efficient and affordable care to a more significant number of patients.

When you provide an excellent service in your healthcare facility, it makes sense to improve the organisational system more and more.

When you have outstanding professionals and excellent health personnel in your hospital or nursing home, does it make sense not to establish standard guidelines for operation, management, risk control, or planning to improve the service?

Currently, ISO has developed more than 1,400 standards dedicated to healthcare.

Standardisation has always played a key role in healthcare. It is increasingly present in areas such as medical services, medical equipment and instruments. Currently, the ISO (International Organization for Standardisation) has 1,400 standards related to health and management systems. These standards help to ensure that users and society get the high-quality care they deserve. The guidelines they provide make it easy to compare health services, exchange information, consolidate data, or protect patient privacy.

The standardisation, the improvement of the efficiency or the establishment of models of excellence give value to you every day. They make it easier for clinical staff, doctors, regulators, manufacturers and patients to enjoy a better, more efficient and effective service every day.

There is currently a transition from the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems standard to more specialised standards exclusively applicable in the Health and Social Care sector.

UNE-EN 15224 (EN 15224) allows the application of ISO 9001 in healthcare environments. In Health and Social Care sector, we find the UNE 158000 family.

In 2013, AENOR published UNE 179003 about risk management for patient safety. This standard is increasingly important, and the main route of work is the prophylaxis. That same year AENOR published UNE 179006, which talks about systems for surveillance, prevention and control of infections related to health care in hospitals.

The application of standardisation guidelines has also reached small medical and health centres. UNE 179001 applies to dental surgeries and dental services, and UNE 158401 for telecare services.

On the other hand, the interest in using the EFQM Excellence Model as a reference in the health and care sector has meant that many centres have this accreditation. The accreditation systems of the different Autonomous Communities at Spain in many cases are based on this model or the Joint Commission International (JCI).

Not all health and social care centres currently have certifications. If you have it, you play with an advantage. Your users and patients will count with guarantees about your services and are going to trust you more and more in the future.

Our job is to make it easier for health or social care centres to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

We help healthcare centres that want to improve in ISO 9001 or UNE 158101, hospitals that wish to advance in the EFQM Excellence Model or Lean Healthcare, and companies belonging to the Health and Social Care sector that want to implement standards or improve their processes.

We adapt the vision and the established model to your centre to fit, and we help you achieve the permanent consensus, participation, and motivation of all the interest groups. Besides, we support people responsible for the project to facilitate their coordination work.

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