UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems

For many companies, it is usually the first step, sometimes imposed by regulations and competitions that require it. It is the beginning of a journey which is not known much and which for some is an opportunity and for others "more meaningless work" viewed with distrust and suspicion. What more reasons to be accompanied by accreditation experts?

The reasons why an organisation considers ISO 9000 certification are very varied: Improvement of the organisation, regulations that require it, public competitions…

Whatever the reason, the manager, technician or middle manager leading the project has different fronts open: preparation of documentation, staff involvement, implementation, contacts with the certifying entity…

It is not uncommon for there to be some level of opposition. Middle managers and workers, in general, may perceive “ISO 9000” as a threat, an over-effort that does not provide them anything, “papers”, “bureaucracy”, “until today we have not needed it”, “it is worth nothing “. These are frequent opinions among the most critical and sceptical people.

ISO 9001 Gestion Calidad

In a project with these characteristics, clear leadership supported by knowledge and experience is essential. While the project takes time to establish, it should not become eternal either. Indeed having experts who are in charge of preparing the documentation and supporting the implementation and certification can be decisive.

The results are precise: obtaining ISO 9000 certification improves the operation of the company; it does not hinder it.

The impact of UNE-EN ISO 9001 has been enormous throughout the world. It is undoubtedly the most international standard. It is not understood that so many companies from so many countries, of various sizes and so diverse sectors maintain accreditation if its value is zero.

ISO 9001 calidad

A well-structured UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System provides confidence, in particular, because the company:

  • Establishes adequate operating systems for its products and processes,
  • Analyses and understands the needs and expectations of customers,
  • Is aware of the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to its products,
  • Sets the characteristics of the products and services it provides,
  • Manages the processes to achieve the expected results,
  • Ensures that they have the necessary resources for their activity,
  • Monitors and controls the defined characteristics of its products and services,
  • Avoids non-conformities,
  • Implements continuous improvement processes,
  • Establishes effective internal audit and management review processes,
  • Monitors and measures the effectiveness of the quality management system.

The ISO 9000 certification also contributes to enhancing the company’s image, favours its commercial and marketing policy and facilitates the achievement of public tenders.

Many of our clients achieve better results in addition to pure certification. Our proposals are a powerful tool that acts as a catalyst, enhances efficiency and mobilises staff around a typical project: The company and its improvement.

After an ISO 9000 project, some of those who were detractors may become its most ardent advocates. The project is no longer a threat because they understand it, and it is an instrument that facilitates the day-to-day, management and operation of the company.

We provide solutions

Our Consulting Services present important differentiating aspects:

  • Projects developed for each company, according to its size, its idiosyncrasies and the particularities of the sector where it is framed.
  • Use of own and specific tools and methodologies of our Firm.
  • All our projects are led by a Project Manager.
  • Follow-up of each project.

Our projects are planned in phases or stages:

  1. – Initial evaluation and check with processes to know the company.
  2. – Design and preparation of the documentary base, with its subsequent approval.
  3. – Training and involvement of staff.
  4. – Implementation of work and systematic guidelines.
  5. – Review of policies, systematics and related documentation.
  6. – Internal audit.
  7. -Evaluation by Certification Body.
  8. -Control, monitoring and improvement of the project.

The services of our Firm have passed without significant problems the inspections of the most prestigious international Certification Entities: AENOR, Bureau Veritas, Applus, SGS, Oca Cert, Lloyd’s Register…

Our independence is, without a doubt, an indication of the professionalism and experience of our services.

This solution is aimed at

Companies of any scope and size.

What our customers get

After the audit process, the company will have the ISO 9001 certificate issued by the selected entity (AENOR, Bureau Veritas, Applus, SGS. Oca Cert, Lloyds…). The accreditation will reach the centres and activities that have been considered in the project.

Satisfied customers

Extintores Barcelona, INSTAFOC S.L.
EXTINTORES BARCELONA, INSTAFOC BARCELONA S.L. Better known as INSTAFOC, it is one of the largest companies in the sale and maintenance of fire protection equipment...
Al Dahra Europe
AL DAHRA EUROPE is one of the world's leading producers of dehydrated alfalfa.
Lostec, S.A.
LOSTEC, S.A. is a benchmark laboratory in Catalonia, dedicated to quality control and testing of construction materials.
TMSA, Transporte regular, S.L.
TMSA, TRANSPORTE REGULAR, S.L. is the main regular passenger transport company in Menorca.
ACCESUS PLATAFORMAS SUSPENDIDAS, S.L. is a company that designs, manufactures and sells elevating platforms and PPE for work at height and has a portfolio of...
4040 Natural Cosmetic, S.L.
4040 NATURAL COSMETIC S.L. is dedicated to the manufacture, storage and marketing of toilet soaps and other perfumery and cosmetic products.
Mutua Balear
Mutua Balear is an entity that collaborates with Social Security, and offers management services for work accidents, temporary disability, occupational diseases, among others.
Vanguard Grafic S. A.
Vanguard Grafic is a company dedicated to printing, developing creative proposals and finding communication and graphic arts solutions.
Comunicacions i Seguretat Serra
Comunicacions i Seguretat Serra is a company dedicated to home and business security, fire fighting systems and video surveillance systems in Girona.
Julian Arumí, S.L.
ARUMÍ, PREFABRICATS DE FORMIGÓ, is specialised in solving projects with precast reinforced and / or prestressed concrete systems.
JMO Instrumental Quirúrgico S. L.
JMO Instrumental Quirúrgico S. L. is dedicated to the development and manufacture of specialised surgical material.
Emilio Durany, S.L.
EMILIO DURANY, S.L. is one of the oldest precast concrete manufacturers in Huesca.
Logistics Tanks Gas, S.L.
LOGISTICS TANKS GAS S.L., más conocida como LTG, es una empresa española con más de 20 años de experiencia en el sector del transporte del...
Mac Model, S.L.
MAC-MODEL S.L., es una empresa española especializada en la realización de moldes y prototipos para fundición. Fabricante de todos los moldes y prototipos con las...
Insclima, S.A.
INSCLIMA S.A., desde hace más de 30 años ofrece un servicio integral de las especialidades de instalaciones de gas, electricidad, aire acondicionado, gas, calefacción, de...
ISO 9001 projects allow their integration with any UNE-EN ISO standard in any sector or field. It also allows integration with product brands. They are usually proposed as a previous step to the establishment of projects of excellence.
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