Catalonia’s healthcare accreditation model

Health accreditation is an essential requirement to be a provider centre for the Catalan Health Service.

The Catalonia's healthcare accreditation system

Between 1981 and 1983, the process of accreditation of health centres in Catalonia was born. However, the concept of “accreditation” was formalized in 1991 with the publication of the Law of Health Management of Catalonia. The same year, easily understandable standards were established and adapted to the environment considering previous processes’ evaluations. With this, there was a strong impulse in the Accreditation process for acute hospital care centres.

In Catalonia, accreditation is defined as voluntary. However, the leading buyer of health services (CatSalut) has been demanding it from the beginning to contract centres that offer a quality level to the population.

In 2006, two crucial guidelines emerged for the sector: In January, the accreditation of acute hospital care centres and the evaluating entities’ authorisation procedure was regulated through Decree. In March, the Government of the Generalitat’s resolution was published, which were approved the accreditation standards for acute hospital care centres in Catalonia.

In 2014 Decree 86/2014 was published, dated June 10, establishing the accreditation system for primary care teams in Catalonia.

The Department of Health also prepared and published standards for health care centres and health centres of attention in mental health and addictions.

In 2020, through resolution SLT / 474/2020, of February 18, the accreditation standards of acute hospital care centres in Catalonia for the period 2020-2023 was updated.

We provide solutions

is a consulting firm specialised in improvement. In most of our projects, we use advanced standards and models (such as Lean Healthcare or the EFQM Model of Excellence) to add value to our clients.

In this case, we have developed our work methodology taken as a reference, among other standards, the Joint Commission accreditation.

In this typology of projects, we attach great importance to the self-evaluation process. Health centres are used to working groups and establishing action plans. Our Firm monitors the process to obtain its successful completion.

This solution is aimed at

Healthcare organisations of any field whose senior management or the quality and improvement department wants a more significant deployment of the implanted improvement system or greater efficiency and effectiveness.

What our customers get
  • Further development of the management system implemented in the healthcare organisation.
  • With the evaluation, the company obtains an excellent diagnosis of its positioning, taking into consideration the intervention of all the interest groups, its strengths and the notable aspects of improvement.
  • The Servei Català de la Salut, an entity that contracts public services, requires the accreditation of the centres with which it employs as a measure of the quality of care they provide. There is also the possibility that other entities contract non-public services.

Satisfied customers

Catalonia's healthcare accreditation model projects are the natural evolution of ISO 9001 systems. They can be complemented with any model or standard, from any field (governance, risk and compliance, sustainability, excellence, among others).