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New regulation Ordre ACC/9/2023 for recycled aggregates in Catalonia

Friday 23, June 2023

In addition to the need for the CE Marking, it establishes categories and recommended uses.

(DOGC) 23/06/2023.- On January 26, the Generalitat de Catalunya published on 1/26/2023 Order ACC/9/2023, of January 23, which regulates the use of recycled aggregates from the recovery of construction waste and demolition.

Article 147.2 of Law 5/2020 (Catalonia), has already introduced the obligation, in public and private construction projects, to use recycled aggregates in a minimum percentage of 5% by weight of the total aggregates provided. .

The Order applies to recycled aggregates used in both public and private works.

In Catalonia, currently, the recovery of construction waste stands at 61.4% and the goal is to reach values ​​of 75%.

The ordre establishes the following categories for recycled aggregates, depending on the constituent materials or their origin:

a) ARF Category: called recycled concrete aggregates.

b) Category ARMf: called mixed recycled concrete aggregates.

c) Category ARMc: called ceramic mixed recycled aggregates.

d) ARC category: called ceramic recycled aggregates.

e) Category ARMa: called recycled aggregate mixed with asphalt.

In Annex I, the following percentages of constituent materials are established:

The Ordre ACC/9/2023 of the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda affects, in accordance with European and Spanish regulations, the most important regulatory requirement: Recycled aggregates must be supplied with documentation proving that they have the marking CE for the uses admitted in this Order.

Annex II establishes the recommended applications and uses of recycled aggregates, according to their granulometry and category of aggregate.

We produce recycled aggregates with CE marking in Catalonia. What does Ordre ACC/9/2023 affect us?

The Spanish guide for recycled aggregates from construction and demolition waste (GEAR project) established the categorization of recycled aggregates based on their constituents.

The order of the Department of Climate Action regulates the categorization of recycled aggregates and the need to establish it in the Factory Production Control System of aggregates with CE Marking.

Annex II establishes some recommended uses, always taking into account that the technical requirements (mechanical, chemical and physical characteristics) are marked by the applicable technical regulations, such as PG-3 (Order FOM/2523/2014) or the R.D. Structural Code 470/2021, among others.

In a direct way. This classification of aggregates already existed, but it was not normative, that is, it was only a guide for producers and end users of the product. But, since the introduction of this Order, it is necessary to classify the aggregate in the categories previously seen in order to assign the corresponding use to the aggregate as indicated in Annex II of this Order.

We provide solutions

works in the field of recycled aggregates together with the main companies in the sector, establishing the guidelines and requirements required by the CE Marking of these products.

Since 2004, all aggregates marketed in Europe for use in construction products must have the mandatory CE marking. The Conformity Assessment System is 2+ (Regulation (EU) 305/2011 for construction products).

Ordre ACC/9/2023 can be consulted through the following link.

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