R.D. 163/2019 concrete quality control

Royal Decree 163/2019 approves the Technical Instruction to carry out the production control of the concretes manufactured in the plant.

The Royal Decree 163/2019 replaces the Ministerial Order 11/21/2001. It adjusts to the current Instruction EHE-08, and takes into account the latest draft of the Structural Code as well as the provisions of Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 “Harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products”.

It represents an important step in the standardisation of the sector. Until now, the controls in the concrete plants had a voluntary nature (e.g. DOR, AENOR mark, Applus, …) or were limited only to checks on the product.

To comply with the requirements of the Royal Decree, all concrete plants must undergo complete inspections every four years and follow-up inspections every two, and ENAC must accredit the control body.

In the works, the facultative directions and control bodies are obliged to request the R.D. 163/2019 accreditation to their concrete suppliers.

To successfully pass the inspection of the control body, the plant must have a Factory Production Control (FPC, SCPF by its Spanish acronym). The production control carried out by the concrete manufacturer must include:

  • Control of concrete component materials and their storage conditions.
  • The control of the facilities.
  • Concrete control.
  • Control of documentation and traceability.

FPC R.D. 163/2019 defines the operating guidelines of the plant through written instructions. The control body reviews the documentary base and the guidelines established in the company to verify conformance to requirements.

The work of the accredited body is to review the documentary base and verify its compliance with the R.D. 163/2019. Once the FPC has been verified, it will inspect the facilities to confirm that the plant follows the systematics described in the documentary base.

We provide solutions

Control de produccion de hormigones fabricados en central

has been working in the accreditation of construction products since 2004 and in the certification of concrete since 2008. Our Firm is one of the few existing with a department specialised in construction products that works nationwide.

Our work in concrete quality control projects R.D. 163/2019 consist of:

  1. – Preparation of the FPC documentary base for our clients, consisting of the specialised SCPF manual and process sheets. The FPC of the plant that we prepare for our clients include:
    1. Personnel files and qualifications,
    2. Control of raw materials. Purchasing control, product requirements, inspection and testing at reception (IER by its Spanish acronym),
    3. Facilities control: Control of production equipment, inspection and measurement, testing of the plant software. Process sheets about control of production equipment, measurement and test equipment,
    4. Control of concrete (final product): Tests on the product, according to UNE-EN 206: 2013 + A1: 2018 (EN 206: 2013 + A1: 2016) and EHE-08 (about to be repealed). Preparation of the self-control plan and its supervision,
    5. Evaluation of resistance results, through normative criteria established in the legislation and technical standards. Process sheets for statistical control of outputs (homogeneity of results),
      vi) Supply control. Processing sheets of supply control.
    6. Supply control. Processing sheets of supply control.
    7. Control of documentation and traceability,
    8. Production Control Laboratory: Reports, personnel qualification, instructions, equipment calibration. We establish requirements for laboratories (tests according to technical standards, internal/external laboratory),
    9. Control of environmental aspects: Evaluation, waste management, minimisation guidelines.
  2. Implementation and revision of the FPC,
  3. Internal audit or prior check of the FPC,
  4. Accompaniment during the inspection of the accredited control body.

Our function is to develop a documentary base adapted to the company and the requirements of R.D. 163/2019, bring our clients support and supervision to the establishment of the FPC, and advise and support them during the audit of the control body.

We have developed all these functions in multiple construction product manufacturing companies, ensuring the success and future of the plants.

We develop our activity throughout Spain, especially in Catalonia, Andalusia, Aragon, Extremadura, the Basque Country-Euskadi, the Balearic Islands, Castilla and Leon, the Valencian Community, among others.

This solution is aimed at
  • Concrete plants
  • Plants for the manufacture of prepared concrete
What our customers get

After the inspection process, the company will have the R.D. 163/2019 issued by the entity accredited by ENAC selected (AENOR, Bureau Veritas, Applus, OCA global, AW, Verus, …).

The accreditation will include the plants reflected in the scope of the FPC.

Satisfied customers

The control systems in production R.D. 163/2019 can be complemented with other control systems, whether in the area of ​​CE Marking (e.g. aggregates), standardisation of products and organisations (e.g. ISO 9001), sustainability (ISO 14001, Environmental Product Declarations EPD,...) and occupational health and safety (ISO 45001).
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300 concrete plants in the process of R.D. 163/2019 certification
In January 2021, about 300 concrete plants are in process. Around 70 factories are already R.D. 163/2019 certified.
RD 163/2019: Laboratories and their importance within the control of concrete manufacturing
The selection of qualified laboratories and an efficient documentation system are determining factors for the plant's accreditation.
Royal Decree 163/2019, that approved the Technical Instruction for carrying out the production control of the concretes manufactured in the plant is already underway
The concrete plants have 21 months to adapt to the new regulatory requirements.
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On Monday, September 28, we held the main sectoral colloquium talk to analyse R.D. 163/2019 and its repercussions on concrete manufacturers.
The great success of the Round Table “R.D. 163/2019 Control of concrete production”
Great acceptance and participation by the concrete sector.
First ENAC accreditations for the inspection of the production control of concretes manufactured in the plant.
ENAC has granted AENOR International, Bureau Veritas Iberia and LGAI Technology Center (APPLUS) the first accreditations in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17065 standard.
14 concrete plants have obtained the R.D. 163/2019 certification
All concrete plants in the national territory must obtain the certificate before April 1, 2021.