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Áridos y Cribados DOMINGO

ÁRIDOS Y CRIBADOS DOMINGO, S.A. is an important family company founded in 1978 and that in 1998 expanded its business by opening the concrete production plant until today.

Solution: R.D. 163/2019 concrete quality control
Location: Benicarló (Castellón)

In the first half of 2021, the company’s management decides to move towards the implementation of the Factory Production Control System (SCPF) that complies with Royal Decree 163/2019 on concrete quality control.

At OAK, our work consisted of developing the documentary base to obtain the R.D. 163/2019, monitoring of the project and carrying out follow-up visits.

In 2021 the certification was achieved and since then we have worked at ÁRIDOS Y CRIBADOS DOMINGO performing maintenance-outsourcing services. Our work consists of updating the documentary base, carrying out periodic follow-up visits and accompanying the company in the inspections of the notified body.