Officially Recognised Distinctions of Precast Concrete Quality (EHE-08)

Quality labels, certifications or marks for precast concrete have existed for decades. In recent years, there is more value on them as a result of regulatory changes that favour their use. The EHE-08 has been the first step. The future Structural Code and the Technical Building Code deepen the standardisation of construction products.

The EHE-08, Structural Concrete Instruction, establishes the possibility that precast concrete products have Officially Recognised Distinctions (DOR by its Spanish acronym). This quality certification ensures greater standardisation of the product and allows the reduction of quality controls in work.

In Spain, at present, there are the following certifications or quality marks for precast concrete:

  • AW mark for precast concrete.
  •  CIETAN-IETcc mark for precast.

Construction is a complex process that requires the intervention of multiple agents. This sector is significant economically and has a high impact on the safety of people and goods. This reason is why tests are carried out throughout the chain to ensure stability, the homogeneity and longevity of the work.

The use of precast concrete with a DOR quality label has excellent advantages:

  • Promoter: cost savings from promotion.
  • Project author: lower safety coefficients in materials. Promotion cost savings, simplified control plan, more straightforward calculation and design of the concrete structure.
  • Facultative direction: documentary control and work are more comfortable. They can assess the convenience of requiring DOR materials and processes even if they are not in the project.
  • Builder: fewer specimens, less control.
  • Manufacturer: By ensuring quality and variability, the absolute strength requirements are lower.
We provide solutions

Since 2002 our Firm develops projects in the construction sector. At present, we are one of the leading engineering companies in the application of sectoral standards following Directive 89 / 106CEE (currently Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011).

Our projects precast concrete products quality marks are based on three backbones:

  • Certification body: support and advice in the inspections.
  • Control on the product (laboratory tests on the stock). Statistical analysis of results.
  • Control over processes: We help our clients to implant the organisational system or Factory Production Control (FPC).

The three axes are essential. It is not possible to display a quality badge without their joint contribution. We structure our projects of precast concrete in a coherent and interrelated way, and the FPC acts as the backbone of the system.

Our experience and qualification is endorsed by the leading certification entities and ensures a proven and solvent work in the plants where we work.

This solution is aimed at

Manufacturers of precast concrete for structural use

What our customers get
  • AW mark for precast concrete.
  • CIETAN-IETcc mark for precast concrete.

Satisfied customers

The projects to obtain DOR mark for precast concrete allow their integration with other control systems in the field of CE marking (e.g. aggregates, ...), voluntary marks, standardisation of products (e.g. concrete) as well as quality (ISO 9001) and standardisation of organisations, sustainability (ISO 14001, Environmental Product Declarations EPD, ...) and safety and health at work (ISO 45001).
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