UNE-EN ISO 22000:2018 Food safety management systems

ISO 22000 is the ideal tool for those companies that want to integrate their Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system with the requirements of UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015.

UNE-EN ISO 22000: 2018 “Food safety management systems” is the international standard that defines the requirements that a food safety management system must satisfy.

Although it is a standard initially designed for the food sector has been successfully applied in other sectors where the analysis of risks and dangers and the determination of critical control points are essential tools (e.g. cosmetic, pharmaceutical industry).

UNE EN ISO 22000 inocuidad de los alimentos


Its application can bring benefits to the organisation:

  • Regulatory and legislative compliance,
  • Improvement and further establishment of the Hazard Analysis System and Critical Control Points (HACCP),
  • Entry into new markets and customers (e.g.distribution chains),
  • By allowing integration with ISO 9001 or other ISO standards, it improves the definition of responsibilities, the determination of company processes and risk management,
  • Integration with BRC Global Standard Food or IFS International Food Standard systems,
  • Improvement of the image of the company at the final consumer level.

Most of the distribution chains require certifications through quality standards to be able to supply for the private label, the brand owned by the retail food distribution (retailers) or wholesale (wholesaler). Undoubtedly the perfect knowledge of the mechanisms facilitates the achievement of the project.

The principal distributors worldwide value positively products that, in addition to excellent organoleptic quality, can prove adequate hygienic and sanitary production conditions.

The principal certifying bodies (Aenor, Bureau veritas, BSI, Lloyds Register, OCA global, Applus, among others) have determined guidelines for this standard. All of them have demonstrated to ENAC their competence and impartiality to provide the ISO 22000 certification service.

The application of the UNE-EN ISO 22000 food safety standard can sometimes be complicated in an organisation. It is essential to know the standard, the HACCP systems and factors such as implementation/establishment or management before the certification bodies also intervene.

Aportamos soluciones

Our Firm has been developing its activity in the field of standardisation for more than 20 years. These broad and experienced visions allow us to provide solutions and approaches that are sometimes not found in the client’s specific sector.

We are independent of all accreditation bodies (Aenor, Applus, Bureau Veritas BVC, OCA cert-Calitax, EQA, Lloyd’s Register…), and they recognise our technical and professional prestige. Our projects exceed the highest demands. The company will, of course, select the Certification Entity, and it has the guarantee of the professionalism and quality of our services.

This solution is aimed at


  • Manufacturers and food and beverage processing companies (meat, sausages, slaughterhouses, cutting rooms, canned food, ready meals, pastries…),
  • Catering, dining rooms of any field (school, factory, hospital,…),
  • Restoration, franchises,
  • Industries that manufacture materials in contact with food,
  • Related companies (logistics, transport, distribution…)
  • Agricultural sector
  • Animal feeding

Our scope of work is Spain (Catalonia, Aragon, Valencia, Castilla and Leon, Euskadi / Basque Country, Andalusia, Extremadura) and South America.

What our customers get

After the audit process, the company will have the ISO 22000 certificate issued by the selected entity (AENOR, Bureau Veritas, Applus, SGS, Oca Cert, Lloyds…). The accreditation will reach the centres, products and activities that have been considered in the project.

Satisfied customers

ISO 22000 projects allow their integration with any UNE-EN ISO standard (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001...). Its integration with the HACCP systems, BRC Global Standard Food or IFS International Food Standard systems is widespread.
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