IFS International Featured Standard

IFS is one of the great standards of food quality and safety in the world.

Developed by the main German (HDE), French (FCD) and Italian distributors, the IFS aims to establish uniform criteria to be met by manufacturers of products under “private label”. It helps suppliers to supply safe products according to the specifications and current legislation.

It is a requirement widely demanded by large distribution brands such as Carrefour, Aldi, Lidl and Metro (MAKRO), among others.

The IFS International Featured Standard protocol requires the initial implementation of a quality management system, a HACCP  system based on the Codex Alimentarius, as well as the implementation and management of prerequisites and facilities.


IFS standards

IFS has standards for:

  • IFS – International Featured Standard
  • IFS Logistic
  • IFS Broker
  • IFS PACsecure
This solution is aimed at
  • Manufacturers of any food product or related services (containers and packaging, transport and logistics…).
  • Companies that want to enter the European market.
  • Companies that want to work with distributors, be they retail or wholesale.
What our customers get

IFS certification (Aenor, Bureau Veritas, DNV…).

Satisfied customers

Thanks to the structure of the scheme and the remarkable coincidence with the food safety requirements, this standard is easily integrated with the certification of the BRCGS protocol and the UNE EN-ISO 22000 standard (Food safety management systems). Besides, there is the possibility of integrating systems and optimising processes with the consequent reduction of audit times and costs. It can also be performed in conjunction with GLOBALGAP (Good Agricultural Practices), and ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) audits.