UNE-EN ISO 50001: 2018 Energy management

The cost reduction associated with removing energy consumption is one of the most tangible benefits of ISO 50001 systems.

It is not new that a company has accreditation of the ISO 9001 (quality) or ISO 14001 (environment) standards. However, suppose a company has certification of the ISO 50001 Standard. In that case, it is innovative, since it allows the company to have an Energy Management System, which defines a set of procedures and activities integrated within the organisation to optimise the use and consumption of energy.

Implementing an Energy Management System implies that the direction must enable the necessary means to achieve energy matters’ objectives.

Factors like having technical and human resources for the development of activities required for energy improvement, the definition of responsibilities in energy matters, the preparation of documentation (E.G. to establishes the working method) and the application of an energy policy in the company aimed at continuous improvement, have to be guaranteed.

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develops consulting projects in the area of sustainability and circular economy. Our contribution to projects is usually aimed at developing the documentary base, implementation, monitoring and improvement of the scheme, and defence of the conclusions before the verifying body.

Our clients are organisations of all kinds that value the services of a consultancy with more than 20 years of experience in sustainability projects. As a result of our knowledge, we can propose coherent, professional and straightforward methodologies that facilitate the achievement of the organisation’s goals.

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Organisations and companies of any sector and size.

UNE-EN ISO 50001 projects can easily be combined with any initiative in the field of sustainability and circular economy.