Regulation (EC) No 1221/2009 Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)

EMAS Regulation is suitable for organisations that want to go one step beyond ISO 14001.


EMAS is a voluntary tool available to any organisation that operates in an economic sector of the European Union or outside it, and that wishes to:

  • Assume an environmental and economic responsibility,
  • Improve their environmental performance,
  • Communicate its environmental results to society and interested parties in general.

Organisations that register for EMAS must:

  • Demonstrate that they respect environmental legislation,
  • Commit to improving their environmental performance continuously,
  • Demonstrate that they maintain an open dialogue with all stakeholders,
  • Involve employees in improving the organisation’s environmental performance,
  • Publish and update a validated EMAS environmental statement for external communication.
  • Carry out an environmental analysis (including the identification of all direct and indirect environmental aspects),
  • Register with a competent body after having passed the verification.

Once registered, organisations are entitled to use the EMAS logo.

Benefits of applying EMAS

According to studies carried out by the EU, the benefits of establishing EMAS in an organisation are:

  • Saving energy and resources: 21%,
  • Reduction of negative incidents: 18%,
  • Improvement of relationships with stakeholders: 17%,
  • Financial savings: 9%,
  • Productivity improvement: 11%,
  • Improved recruitment / retention of staff: 8%,
  • Increase in market opportunities: 12%.
Linked with the environment for 20 years

proceso interno siguendo el estándar iso 14001 y emas

has been working on environmental projects for various companies for 20 years: waste managers, industrial and construction companies, passenger transport companies… During this time, we have been improving, evolving and perfecting our work system to provide clients with professional and quality solutions.

The projects we have developed have successfully passed audits by the leading certification bodies (Aenor, Applus, Bureau Veritas, OCA global, SGS…). This independent and multidisciplinary vision helps us in our work. Always a little better, because we know that our success lies in a job well done and in our clients.

This solution is aimed at

EMAS projects are suitable for companies and organisations of any size and sector that want a more in-depth deployment than that obtained with ISO 14001 or for companies that require European accreditation (public competitions, entry into new markets…).

What our customers get

EMAS registration, after passing an evaluation process by an accredited certification body.

Satisfied customers

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