5S Methodology

When it comes to setting up improvement plans, we are sometimes drawn to complex projects. 5S Philosophy is a handy tool that can be reduced to 2 concepts: Greater productivity because there is a better workplace.      

When improvement measures are planned in the organisations, it is prevalent to see that they begin with complex solutions. Talking about organising, tidying up and cleaning may be considered trivial, and they dismiss it

However, these three concepts, so simple in a first impression, are the first step that any organisation must take in its improvement process and a fundamental premise to increase productivity and obtain a safe and pleasant environment.

When Organisation, Order and Cleaning activities are undervalued, an excellent opportunity for improvement is wasted. By adopting a systematic management plan that continuously maintains and improves Organisation, Order and Cleanliness, greater productivity and a better workplace are immediately achieved.

The 5S are universal; they can be applied in all types of companies and organisations, both in workshops and offices, even those that are neat and clean. You can always improve, reduce inefficiencies, avoid travel and eliminate waste of time and space.

It is about improving working conditions, safety, work environment, staff motivation and efficiency, and, consequently, the organisation’s quality, productivity, and competitiveness.

Application of the 5s

aplicación de metodología 5sBig problems are being generated in “company” warehouses. There is a very intense work rhythm, causing a chronic state in terms of cleaning and organising the warehouse and the production hall. The worst thing is that they have all gotten used to this situation and see it as normal. And logically, clutter calls for the mess, and the problem does not improve.

The 5S are the initials of five Japanese words that name each of the five phases that make up the methodology:

  1. – SEIRI – ORGANISATION (“Eliminate the unnecessary”) It consists of identifying and separating the necessary materials from the unnecessary ones and getting rid of the latter.
  2. – SEITON – ORDER (“Everything in its place”) It consists of establishing how the necessary materials should be located and identified, so that it is easy and fast to find, use and replace them.
  3. – SEISO – CLEANING (“put in good condition”) It consists of identifying and eliminating the sources of dirt, ensuring that all media are always in perfect health.
  4. – SEIKETSU – VISUAL CONTROL (“distinguish correct from the incorrect situation”) It consists of easily distinguishing a typical situation from an abnormal one, using simple rules that are visible to all.
  5. – SHITSUKE – DISCIPLINE AND HABIT (“keep what’s implanted”) It consists of working permanently in accordance with the established norms.

aplicacion de metodologia 5s

The first three phases – ORGANISATION, ORDER AND CLEANING – are operational. The fourth phase – VISUAL CONTROL – helps to maintain the state achieved in the previous steps – Organisation, Order and Cleanliness – through the standardisation of practices.

The fifth and final phase – DISCIPLINE AND HABIT – allows you to acquire the habit of your practice and continuous improvement in your daily work.

The FIVE PHASES make up an integrated whole and are dealt with successively, one after the other.

We provide solutions

aplicación de metodologia 5s

develops projects in the area of organisation, lean and continuous improvement. After a preliminary check, our mission is to recommend the client the guidelines to follow to implement the 5S, designing the documentary base that is required and making follow-up visits for the company’s real establishment. After the preliminary check, we usually recommend doing a short training session to disseminate/inform/train on the improvement project that is going to be undertaken.

We usually start with a pilot area and then we look for its extension to the entire company.

After establishing a 5S project, the organisation’s processes are much improved, increasing productivity. As everything can be found more quickly, and there is no need to move products and items that annoy or hinder, internal customers can more quickly meet their material needs, doing their work more efficiently. The work environment also improves, which benefits from the giant step that the company has taken.

This solution is aimed at

Any organisation, of any sector and size. The only important thing is that the company wants to improve.

What our customers get

Improvement of all performance ratios, better work environment.

An accreditation body can check the project.

Satisfied customers

5S projects allow its integration with any improvement project (Organisation-Lean) and standardisation (Quality and standardisation of organisations).
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