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ECOVISA GESTIONA, S.L. is a company specialized in the comprehensive management of non-hazardous waste and in the manufacture of recycled aggregate with CE marking.

Solution: CE marking of aggregates
Location: Godelleta (Valencia)

At the beginning of 2019, the management of the company decided to move towards the implementation of the CE marking for recycled aggregates according to the UNE-EN 13242:2003+A1:2008 standards for aggregates for granular layers and UNE-EN 12620:2003+A1:2009 of aggregates for concrete.

At we carry out the development of the UNE-EN 13242:2003+A1:2008 + UNE-EN 12620:2003+A1:2009 documentary base, training of personnel for the implementation, monitoring and follow-up of the project and the performance of an internal audit .

Since 2020, we have been working at ECOVISA performing maintenance-outsourcing services (SCPF control and updating, test control and support in notified body inspections).